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Dingli three-cylinder rotary dryer technology

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The earliest three rotary dryer technology was from Germany, which is composed of three concentric rotating drum, material at head of the tube goes into the inner cylinder, under the action of lifting plate, the material comes back to the middle barrel, once again back to the outer barrel, finally drying material is discharged from the other end of the barrel, the length is three times as that of the traditional dryer, thus it greatly reduced the volume of the equipment.Therefore,our reliable technology decides our technical strength to manufacture more advanced rotary dryer equipment,which can overrun any other domestic markets.

Otherwise,the advanced explosion-proof fire system design can gurantee the safety of the whole operation process,we are always putting the safety at the first,by doing that,to avoide your hesitation and worrries,so that we can provide you more professional and considerable service for our clients sincerely.Besides,the high automation can't be omitted,The device can automatically finished feeding and discharging process. Exhaust temperature adopts intelligent control, and linkage with speed-control feeding device, the feed-rate can be automatically controlled, in order to make sure the dryness of the product. It save energy consumption, as the exhaust temperature is 50-80℃.

Dingli three cylinder rotary dryer will give you a big surprise to prove your right choice for our product.











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