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Zhengzhou Dingli US subsidiary successfully completed

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Recently,in warm expection of Zhengzhou Dingli whole staffs, domestic and foreign customers,and with our advanced drying technology support, Zhengzhou Dingli US subsidiary (DINGLI DRYING EQUIQMENT INC) successfully completed, the establishment of our US subsidiary marks Further expansion and improvement of the international sales network,has an important strategic significance on the internationalization of brands and national production for Dingli dryer production.

The business certificate of Dingli branch office in America: 

The establishment of US subsidiary laid a solid foundation for the development of Dingli dryer in the international market,plays a crucial role in promoting brand development; at the same time,  it
builds a bridge that the United States and the surrounding area customers conduct information exchange and project cooperation with our company, which accelerate our international development pace.

Zhengzhou Dingli focus on R & D drying equipment, has "Make profession to be classics" as service concept, and strives to build advanced corporate culture, and constantly promotes the rapid and steady development of enterprises. It is growing up a world-class supplier of drying equipment, quality products of Zhengzhou Dingli not only fully occupy the domestic market (including Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao), and we also conduct long-term exchanges and cooperation with overseas countries; not only make the company's products always maintain the most top level, and it has also won wide international market , our product exported to Russia, Germany, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Switzerland, the United States, Cambodia, more than 20 countries, the company has more than 300 strategic partners worldwide. The establishment of US subsidiary will become a milestone in Dingli international development road.

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