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Iranian clients inspected sawdust dryer Technical seminar

Date:2015-07-23 16:47:30 Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

Sawdust dryer case marketing becomes more persuasive in today's market, Iranian customers visited our  sawdust dryer production line yesterday, and required to demonstrate the related information and conditions of wood drying production line, our company exposed case video about overseas sawdust dryer. After meticulously investigating the production lines,customers required companies to display and comment these customer case information. Our company gives full interpretation of the operating principle on sawdust dryer , technical performance characteristics and the company's new technology, wood drying cast and the entire processing line. In the future, we will have the further cooperation with Iran customers. This will open our drying plant market in the middle-east, and will improve our technology communication in the middle-east market.

The sawdust dryer is used for pellet sawdust or powder sawdust. Wet materials are continuously sent into drum through screw conveyer and then get separated and pushed by high-speed hot flow. The moisture in wet materials is taken away in this process and then we get powder or pellet drying materials.

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