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The wood chips rotary dryer finished the main body docking in Russia

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Recently, the wood chips rotary dryer finished the main body docking in Russia, all the people who has make every effort to finish the docking mission is extremely excited. The whole workflow is arduous owing to its complicated installment and giant machine body, every component and step must be meticulous and considerable, the docking effect must be perfect. Everyone must guarantee the formal process of the later work, there is a going said: detail decided the success or not. Therefore, from the beginning, all the workers spared no effort to work it out.

Unfortunately, the weather in the Russia is changeable, but our designed mission is still finished on time. Now ,we just expect the final installation could go on smoothly and successfully in the end. Then our cooperation with Russian people can realize a perfect ending. The installment efficiency and quality has proved that Dingli Group is a powerful group, Our wood chips dryer machine is designed with anti-sticky drum-wall and assembled material-lifting board. So we can make sure that Russian people could be assured use, it will bring you the most pleasant working experience, and meet customer’s every production requirement.

The following picture is our docking achievement, you can appreciate it and offer your proposal for our friendly cooperation.

wood chips dryer



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