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Today's News: Myanmar 5t/h sawdust dryer has been shipped

Time: 2015-07-28Author: dingli

Today, shop workers are on busy early, arrange the shipping matters of Burma 5t/h sawdust dryer, loading has been completed after the whole morning,the equipment was officially sent to Myanmar at 15:after the quality control and other inspection.

sawdust dryer

Myanmar client had traveled half of China, after comparing, they chose to cooperate with us the 5t/h wood drying production line project, Myanmar clients has abundant wood resources in local, client initially thought highly of the perfect quality and strong corporate performance of our company, we hoped the two sides complement each other's advantages, jointly create a new situation of wood biomass energy and more economic benefits. Our technical staff considers the  production needs of the clients when our technicist designed for customers drying production line equipment,while drying technology that we research and develop has been put into use ,the wood chips drying equipment has the "three high and one low" characteristics with high-quality, high performance, high efficiency. We believe that sawdust dryer  will once again stunning the local clients relying on its advantages.

Our sawdust dryer exported to Southeast Asia once again, which has important strategic significance for the international development of our products, our company continues in line with the principles of serving customer in order to provide customers with high efficient equipment, strong technical support and services to enable more foreign customers to use efficient sawdust dryer equipment labeled with "MADE IN CHINA", "MADE IN DINGLI".

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