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Zhengzhou Dingli sawdust dryer was successfully installed in Britain

Time: 2015-07-30Author: dingli

Zhengzhou Dingli sawdust dryer has been not only exported to Vietnam, Chile, Morocco, Portugal and other places, but also successfully installed in the overseas country. In July 2015,sawdust dryer exporting to the United Kingdom  finally arrived in Britain Customer Installation Factory, which means commissioning work of sawdust dryer will start,installation and commissioning staffs of Zhengzhou Dingli after-sales department have been in place on standby.

Before installation and commissioning work of sawdust dryer, Zhengzhou Dinglli technical staffs conduct comprehensive understanding and recognition for customer requirements to avoid unnecessary trouble during the installation process, implement and control the equipment unpacking ,installation, testing, commissioning, customer training and acceptance issues. Dingli diplomatic installation team lifts sawdust rotary dryer under the coordination of British customer, laterly, will install the heat source, the feeder, ESP, power distribution cabinets and other equipment. The conscientious and professional service attitude of installation and commissioning in person got great satisfaction and recognition of the customers.


Zhengzhou Dingli dryer equipment not only enhances research and innovation of the cutting-edge equipments, after-sales service is also an urgent emphasis. Now ,we has set up branch offices in the United States and Indonesia in order to provide great service to local customers,. The commissioning work overseas has an important significance on expanding the overseas business.

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