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Dingli will attend the 12th China - ASEAN Expo in September 18-21 in Nanning China

Date:2015-08-01 15:49:29 Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

The 12th China - ASEAN Expo (hereinafter referred to as "East Fair") will be hold in September 18-21 in Nanning China, Commodity Trade shows rich content, involving  machinery and equipment, electronic appliances, construction materials, handicrafts and jewelry, furniture, household , brand exhibits and other fields, and will continue to organize agricultural show, light industry show, continues to set the ASEAN brand exhibition, ASEAN commodity exhibition, organized more ASEAN brands, leading enterprises, commodity exhibitors.


2015 is the China - ASEAN maritime cooperation year, the 12th East Fair will take this opportunity to highlight and build 21st Century "Marine Silk Road" theme, further increase the intensity of the invitation to buyers through various channels, will organize larger buyers group to purchase than usual year . At the same time,China - ASEAN businessmen will carry out pre-pairing database, held China's key cities and 10 countries of ASEAN investment promotion in session, ASEAN and domestic special procurement symposium, machinery, electronics, building materials, food and agricultural products and other special procurement symposium and promote China-ASEAN business interaction of supply and demand, create more business opportunities for Chinese enterprises to explore the ASEAN market.

Dingli New Energy will take part in this exhibition in September, we warmly welcome all new and old customers present and visit our biomass drying pellet plant exhibition, and continue to develop our cooperation , we will show you new surprise then.

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