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Congratulations on Dingli with new woodchips production line exported to Malesia

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Another set of woodchip dryer will be exported to Malesia. In the first half year, our woodchip dryer was installed in Malesia and brought our customers considerable benefits with its good quality.

Today, the customers from Malesia signed purchase contract with our company for woodchip drying production line. After comprehensive market investigation and onsite visit, our customers finally decided to choose our drying equipment and shown their confidence on the quality and service.

Why more and more customers choose our products? The answer is reliable our technical capability and high-quality after-sale service. The woodchips dryers are core products of Dingli with independent intellectual property rights and scientific design, Dingli is always insisting on putting customers at the first place and providing high-quality suggesting on equipment selection, production line design and installation.

Dingli has cooperated with customers from Asia, Africa, Europe and South America in the field of new energy, construction and catering. Welcome to work with our teams!

We are committed to providing high quality and high quality drying solutions for enterprises / individuals,Welcome to submit requirements,Find our design custom!





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