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Coal Slime Rotary Dryer Sent to Tieling

Time: 2015-11-01Author: dingli

Yesterday a set of coal slime rotary dryer with the yearly capacity of 300 thousand tons was officially sent to our customers in Tieling. With the great effort of our technician, the ordered dryer is successfully finished within the required time.

The drying products of Dingli have been widely used and chosen by many local enterprises. The reason why Tieling customers chose our products is their trust in our technique and process. Dingli will regard our customers’ trust as the motivation to provide high-quality drying equipment and after-sale service.

Zhengzhou Dingli is the expert in the field of coal slime drying and the leading company of drying equipment, which win a lot of trust and recognition from our customers. We believe the cooperation with Tieling customers will bring benefits for both sides and establish a new benchmark in drying industry.

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