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Sri Lanka customer in division I ordered a coconut chaff dryers

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Recently, Dingli successfully signed the purchase contract of coconut chaff drying production line (30,000 ton per year) with the customers from Sri Lanka. With the agreement of cooperation details, a new project is officially started.

Sri Lanka is a tropical island in the Indian Ocean, rich in forest resources with 2 million hectares forest area and 3% green coverage. It is abound in bananas, coconuts, mango, papaya, rambutan, mountain fruit and durian fruit. Sri Lanka is the major country of coconut production, consumption, and processing. Coconut industry is the pillar of the national economic. Sri Lanka has coconut planting area of 394800 m2 which is about 20% of the planting area. The output is 22.74 to 2.75 billion. Planting area and yield is third and fourth around the world respectively. Sri Lanka is one of the largest country in the world for the consumption of coconut. coconut usage comes with a lot of coconut chaff, coconut chaff which is directly discarded. It can cause environmental pollution and resource waste. Therefore many enterprises choose environmentally friendly method to process coconut chaff. Our customers in Sri Lanka has abundant coconut chaff resources. Our biomass feed production line not only solves the waste of resources, but also provides high quality feed to local farmers.

Zhengzhou Dingli is the expert in the field of drying equipment, which win a lot of trust and recognition from our customers. We believe the cooperation with global customers will bring benefits for both sides and establish a new benchmark in drying industry.

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