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Guangdong Customs signed 1.5T/H corn germ residue drying production line

Time: 2016-04-05Author: dingli

Recently the weather gradually heats up, our performance has also continued to boom, Sales department gain a good news again: in Jieyang city Guangdong Customs  signed  1.5T/H corn germ residue drying  production line, customers had paid the deposit in advance, both sides formal expand corn germ residue drying project cooperation.

   Jieyang customer has a lot of corn germ slag resources, they hope that through"DINGLI" help, both develop corn germ slag resources drying project , both of cooperation established in advantage  complement,the both sides believe  we  can achieved rich resources using of prospects, the project of equipment with application our unique of dry process, new technology of application will greatly improve hot utilization rate, products performance more superior, while on machine of environmental protection has more upgrade, which makes its more environmental energy-saving. The cooperation between the two sides, we not only provide customers with superior equipment, what's more,  also will provide a strong technical support and the service. The construction of the production line will become an masterpieces of the industry again, believe that strong combination of  both sides, will must  promote enterprise to the next level.

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