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Biomass pellet fuel production line installation in Malaysia

Date:2016-04-10 10:08:57 Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

Wood drying production line  in the installation and commissioning in Malaysia,recently Dingli company installation engineers worked day and night, seizing the schedule so that the project put into operation as soon as possible.

wood pellet production lines.jpg

Malaysia and dingli company cooperation of biomass pellet fuel production line of processing raw materials as sawdust, production capacity is 2 t/h, Malaysia is main abroad market cooperation of  Dingli ,Dingli company has provided many equipment for Malaysia customers, this biomass pellet fuel production line again settled in Malaysia, show that dingli company's technology has core competitiveness in international market, Dingli company  always continued to adhering to service principles for customers,  building high quality of equipment, and first-class of service for customers. Believing that the operation of the line will also promote the development of local biomass energy.

Dingli company biomass pellet fuel production line has landed one after another in 5 States, which bought by over more than 20 countries customers,we take spare more effort on the product research and development,investing capatical and talents, constant research and innovation to meet the needs of customers  in various industries, and peoviding high quality, high stability  products, having the access to international market share and customers at home and abroad . Welcome various countries customers to visit dingli company and negotiate business.

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