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Pingdingshan coal sludge dryer installation site

Date:2016-04-13 10:09:25 Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

Temperatures shot up in April, all events continue the crash in the full project in Zhengzhou DINGLI, recent news  from the front installation site: Pingdingshan coal slime drying installation and commissioning of the project have been completed.

coal sludge dryer

Pingdingshan is one of main coal region in henan province, dingli company and many pingdingshan coal Enterprises expand cooperation,pingdingshan customer build coal mud drying project with our company,Dingli company continued to base on the customer's requirement,when making equipment and  doing the products' design,with the company's existing advanced  craft and technology , which show  the company's  technology advantage on a new side, making out of new coal mud drying equipment ,the equipmnts with energy-saving environmental ptotection, it will effectively reduced the cost, the equipment applying in the project  will promoted local coal mud drying development.

coal slime dryers

 Pingdingshan coal slurry drying project installation and commissioning completion of the project marked dingli company popular around the world,the cooperation by both sides complement each other and achieve mutual benefit with a win-win situation, and jointly promote the development of coal resources, inject new impetus for local coal enterprises, under the joint efforts of both sides ,we believe the future will be better and better.

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