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India delegation visit Dingli company coco coir drying equipment

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Just enter the first day of July and the weather is cooperative, temperature is proper. Although the weather is hot in July, customers are still flooded. This came from India's delegation to visit Coco coir drying equipment.


Coco coir is coconut shell fiber powder, which is processed coconut by-products or wastes. From under a coconut shell fibers fall off during the processing of a natural organic media. After processing of Coco peat is ideal for cultivation of plants, is currently the more popular horticultural media.

Coco coir production in many tropical and subtropical countries, such as India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, the Philippines and other countries. Also a little Coco peat production in Hainan Province in China.  Annually India using coconut with lots of Coco coir, Coco coir direct drop would cause environmental pollution and waste of resources, so many companies have chosen environmental protection dealing with Coco coir.  India's customer's  visit is to visit Coco coir drying equipment. Their have local rich Coco coir resources, customers want to environmental protection use for the resource , buying our Coco coir dryer equipment and then processed into organic media, nontoxic odorless, sterile environment production, ideal for soil-less cultivation.

India delegation accompanied by Dingli company sales staff visited the workshop. Also for the customers set an example how to operate,India customer is very satisfied for Dingli company sales staff of sales and services.



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