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Italy customers to our company to negotiate "sawdust dry granulation" project cooperation

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On July 2, Italy customers defying the heat to Dingli company chat "sawdust dry granulation" project cooperation, focuses on visiting Dingli company production of a new generation of wood dryers and ring die pellet mill, our Executive Vice President and foreign trade  participation in the meeting.


Our latest development of sawdust drying machine has optimization on structure and layout, and on theory parameter and configuration has integration and upgrade, drying machine drum structure by single layer drum into three layer sleeve structure design, volume more small, and insulation sex more strong; drying machine power system instead frequency motor, while upgrade has intelligent control system, additional fireproofing, and explosion-proof, and anti-vibration device; dust system in a level cyclone dust based increased two level bags type dust, more environmental production. If you need to purchase, welcome to contact online service.




We are committed to providing high quality and high quality drying solutions for enterprises / individuals,Welcome to submit requirements,Find our design custom!





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