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Chongqing fengjie 3 tons/h of sawdust drying production line recent development

Time: 2016-07-07Author: dingli

Recently Dingli company made successive sales orders, after-sale installation and commissioning work in an orderly way. On July 5, the Chongqing fengjie produced 3 tons/h of wood chips drying production line in Dingli company after-sales engineers and customers under the coordination of the construction completed, an auspicious day for debugging, so stay tuned!


Sawdust dryer manufacturer Zhengzhou Dingli  has always been based on customer needs and market trends, timely innovation to provide the professional design, stable performance, configure advanced, energy efficient drying equipment. And excellent after-sales installation, commissioning, training and other services return customers trust and  successfully touch the heart of many users, which became mass market and recognition of high drying machinery and equipment.

Dingli company sawdust dryer types all in readiness and configuration flexibility, such as: heat source equipment optional direct hot stove, gas burner and fuel stove; also according to local environmental policy requirements, choose one-stage cyclone dust removal system, two-stage cyclone + wet dust removal system, buy or not and how to up your mood.


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