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Ningxia customer orders (2.5T/h) a set of spray corn dryer

Date:2016-07-11 19:09:46 Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

Recently, customers from ningxia through visiting our site, and our technical engineers  proceed spraying corn husks drying technology exchanges and communication, customer for spray corn husks drying process, production project and technical parameters and other highly recognized, hence in our company ordered (2.5T/h)a set of spray corn dryer.


Because the customer has a high drying requirements for material, equipment short duration  requirements, since the signed the purchase contract, first time called technical department discussions, design specific programmes and inform the production department to cooperate with manufacturing, to ensure complete spraying corn husks dryer as soon as possible delivery, installation and commissioning and putting into operation.

Dingli company can be customized for users ranging from daily output of 20~120 tons of spray corn drying equipment, Thermal insulation of the equipment is strong, high thermal efficiency, the entire process of intelligent control, efficiency and quality is guaranteed. Welcome to contact Dingli Web site online service, obtaining specific spraying corn husks drying process, project cases and videos etc.

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