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Zhengzhou Dingli biomass dehydration equipment-Coco coir dehydration test running site

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Coco coir is the fiber powder of coconut shell. Which is processed coconut by-products or wastes. Coco coir is a natural organic media from the processing line of coconut shell fibers falling off. After processing of Coco coir is ideal for cultivation plant. It is the more popular horticultural media currently. That can be used as:

1.One of the natural soilless organic media. The function is soilless culture of flowers, an economic plant product, and cultivates germchit, and seedlings.

2.Coco coir can be used as a medium of crop production specifically. It can be used as compost manure to improve soil structure in the field. That can be keeping the characteristics of the original soil structure after many years.

3.Plant landscape uses coco coir as growing substrate.

4.Coco coir can improve the soil structure of the golf course.

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