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Coconut coir drying production line video in Sri Lanka

Time: 2016-08-05Author: dingli

Coconut coir drying production line put into operation in Sri Lanka nearly six months. The whole equipment keep good running, output, heat efficiency, final moisture, energy consumption and other indicators were highly recognized by customers. Recently, the Sri Lankan customers once again sent a letter to thank our company leader and after-sale technicist. Who recorded Coconut coir drying production line video and share the joy.

Sri Lanka is popular to plant Coconut trees, where is well-known for Coconut and Coconut coir. It is high yield and high value of Natural organic matter medium, but wasteful to discard. The customer purchased a full set of Coconut coir dehydrator and Coconut coir dryer, and took a lot of moist Coconut coir concentrate on dehydrating, heat drying processing into substrate or nutrient soil. For based on agriculture plantation economy of Sri Lanka, Investment prospects and profits are very considerable.

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