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Yeast drying line exported to Africa Madagascar

Time: 2016-08-09Author: dingli

Congratulations on yeast drying production line from Zhengzhou Dingli exported to Africa Madagascar, and the two sides have officially to sign a contract.


Madagascar customer visited for the first time Zhengzhou Dingli in June. Our company is mainly to show customer yeast drying equipment technological process, model and Dingli company cooperation with previous customer of cases picture and video etc. President Li for yeast drying equipment technology process with customers have a heated discussion. Customers for our company production capacity, production equipment, office environment, quality management and other aspects of the situation gave full affirmation and cooperation intention strongly.

The customer has visited equipment to return home, compared with Dingli company drying technology strength strong. What's more, our company foreign trade specialist many times to discuss yeast drying lines cooperation programme and its relevant details with customer. Our  company is enthusiastic, perfect service and strong technical strength struck a chord with customers to achieve this cooperation.

Zhengzhou Dingli yeast dryer equipment has reputation in the overseas market, foreign trade business quickly develop. Zhengzhou Dingli has always been based on quality and the principles of mutual benefit and win-win. That is under this principle, our company over the years, in wood drying, coal, coal drying, and brewer's grain drying etc win deep trust from home and abroad.


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