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Zhengzhou Dingli yeast drying equipment exported to Vietnam

Time: 2016-08-15Author: dingli

Warmly celebration of Zhengzhou Dingli hot sell yeast drying equipment exported to Vietnam. The yeast drying line processing capacity is 100kg/h, the two sides had formally signed a cooperation contract. Vietnam is not unknown for Zhengzhou Dingli company. Our company produced biomass drying granulating equipment in biomass energy project put into use at early times, now it is running well, considerable benefit.


Beer in the fermentation process, there will be a lot of waste yeast sludge produced. In the past,  brewery puts yeast liquid waste directly discharged, which cause environmental pollution. Through yeast dryer used as feed industry, it can turn “ waste ” into wealth. In recent years, many breweries start to deep processing beer by-product, so as to reduce environment pollution and increase economic efficiency.

Zhengzhou Dingli produces yeast drying equipment with superior performance, reasonable price, good reputation and successfully exported to Cambodia、Madagascar and other countries. Not only enjoy a high reputation in China, but also has the ability to enter foreign markets and also accepted by foreign users.



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