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Zhumadian small sawdust dryer production line installation completed

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Recently, our company after-sale engineers have successful completed zhumadian (2T/h) sawdust dryer production line commissioning work. The parts link is accurate, operating smoothly, drying temperature, air pressure, drying cycles, dry water meets the customer’s requirements. It will put into production.


The equipment is mainly used for drying materials such as wood chips, sawdust etc. The whole production line is equipped with high-efficiency hot stove. It can use wood, charcoal, coal, biomass pellet as fuel, which is safety, energy saving and high efficient. The whole production line is equipped with intelligent control system, automatic feeder, automatic discharge etc, it is easy to control, high efficiency. Welcome to contact online customer service or call the phone above the website, and that understands sawdust dryer technology solutions, parameters, investment costs and other information.


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