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Foshan Budweiser InBev brewer’s grain drying project progress report

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Recently, Dingli company after-sale department got the report, Budweiser InBev (Foshan) brewery in cooperation with our company daily processing capacity of 600 tons of brewer’s grain drying production line installation has finished. And then we will test machine.


Our company equipment has sent for one-month, Dingli company’s after-sale technical staff bear high temperature, and who struggles in equipment installation, ensure that the whole production line and accessories for accurate installation. Debugging work should be completed within a predetermined period, which helping users quickly put into production and make a profit as soon as possible. Three layer drum brewer’s grain dryer is one of our company hit and patented products. The whole machine’s running status, drying capacity, evaporation intensity, material final moisture (≤12%) gain user's high praise. So far our company has been build different scale brewer’s grain drying production line for a large number of well-known beer manufacturers . What’s more, large-scale equipment has been exported to Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and Philippines and other countries.


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