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Congratulations to Dingli company "technology research and application of yeast drying equipment" paper published in China high-tech enterprises

Time: 2016-11-03Author: dingli

The magazine China high-tech enterprises was approved by the General Administration of press and publication. And it is by the National Bureau of statistics Director, which is for the domestic and foreign the public offering of central-level authoritative journals.

Abstract: this project is developed new microbial yeast powder drying system. Its main application field for the food and fermentation industry, and other related areas. Research content of the project is to design a kind of waste yeast sludge recycling methods, processes, and equipment. And so avoid waste yeast sludge cannot be recycled as industrial waste, leading to problems such as water pollution and the waste of resources. This project is by the National Ministry of science and technology as "scientific and technologic type SME technology innovation fund" project in 2012, the project number is "12C26214104257".
In the course of the  project research and development awards

1. The project system is identified as Henan province scientific and technological achievements of the Office of science and technology in Henan province, results number is 9412010Y1745.

2. The project results are as the Office of science and technology achievement transformation project in Henan province, the project number is 122201310001.

3. The project system authorized as many as 14 national utility model patent, as follows:
(1) Beer yeast dryer of patent number is ZL 200920090842.5
(2) A yeast dryer blanking collection device, patent number is ZL 201320247514.1.
(3) The yeast dryer uses Preheat raw materials warehouse, patent number is ZL 201320798376.2
(4) A condensation water controls bypass yeast dryer, patent number is ZL 201320798385.1
(5) The yeast dryer uses exhaust gas purification devices, patent number is ZL 201320798474.6
(6) The yeast dryer uses wet dust collector, patent number is ZL 201320798517.0
(7) A yeast dryer uses a cold water control systems, ZL 201320798573.4
(8) A yeast dryer uses condensation water backwater device, patent number is ZL 201320766976.0
(9) A yeast dryer condensate water backwater automatic cleaning device, patent number is ZL 201320767102.7
(10) The yeast dryer with a fabric device, patent number is ZL 201320767237.3
(11) The yeast dryer feedstock control system, patent number is ZL 201320767271.0
(12) It is applies to yeast dryer of raw material warehouse device, patent number is ZL 201520022671.8
(13) A yeast-dry system, patent number is ZL 201520660649.6
(14) It is suitable for yeast dryer of liquid cartridge, patent number is ZL 201520686274.0

Our company yeast drying equipment industry application has a number of cases at home and abroad.

In recent years, our company yeast drying system have taken hold in markets all over the country and have been exported to Vietnam, Madagascar and the Philippines etc other countries and regions. Specific equipment site photos and production videos have been uploaded to our company website. Welcome to inquiry us.





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