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Zhengzhou Dingli company together with Guangdong Haida group to build a hundred tons of brewer's grain dried fodder project

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Zhengzhou Dingli company brewer’s grain drying line constantly has good news in 2016: congratulations to our signed brewer’s grain drying line with Haida group. The brewer's grain  dried line daily processing capacity is 100 tons. Our company for Haida Group tailored brewer’s drying lines are our many years of technical experience and a number of well-known brewery company site cases design and environmental protection energy-saving , intelligent production line!

Brewer's grain drying production line is mainly used in waste brewer's grain recycling use. So as to avoid waste brewer's grain unable to recycle use caused the water pollution and resource waste etc. Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co., Ltd has the following Brewer's national utility new model patent: brewer’s grain dehydrated drying equipment ZL 2009 2 0089747.8; beer yeast dryer ZL 2009 2 0090842.5 and screw extrusion dehydrator ZL 2009 2 0089748.8.

Our company provides more comprehensive and systematic high humidity material drying solutions for customer, which is based on the concept to design. The transition from first generation to environmental protection and intelligent. Zhengzhou Dingli company depends on unique technology design, generation after generation of perfect technology upgrade to interpret the brewer’s grain drying line innovation and breakthrough, ensuring maximum customer value.

We are committed to providing high quality and high quality drying solutions for enterprises / individuals,Welcome to submit requirements,Find our design custom!





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