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Congratulations for Dingli company third-generation energy-saving type biomass carbonization furnace successful testing machine

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Zhengzhou Dingli company third-generation energy-saving biomass carbonization furnace test machine at yesterday. Biomass carbonization gains good effect, it is very successful. This equipment is through our company elite technical team to create the upgraded equipment. This technique solves traditional cracking process production mechanism charcoal project, which causes atmospheric pollution.
Zhengzhou Dingli company biomass carbonization furnace application range: wood, logs, mechanism charcoal, shell and bamboo etc.

Zhengzhou Dingli company biomass carbonization furnace is our company's latest product. It adopts advanced hot gas flow carbonization technology, that improved carbonization rate. And the charring rate is increased from 85% to 98%, and it is the ease of operation, safety and environmental protection, high production efficiency. What’s more, it can save large amounts of energy, which are ideal for charcoal, gas, oil and combined the ideal equipment. Many sets of combined carbonization furnace adopts hoisting composite structure. It using hanging away from cooling of method, greatly shortened production cycle and improve charcoal production efficiency. Meanwhile it uses unique carbonization gas back burn technology, except for makes carbonization produced flue gas get full using, except meet stove itself heat needs and reached energy-saving environmental protection requirements. Extra flue gas can do drying of heat, save   large fuel. And it improves enterprise benefits. Carbonization do not use electric power, it can move and production. Operation is simple and convenient. It is the ideal equipment for large-scale production of charcoal.


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