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Congratulations for Haida group ordered brewer’s grain drying line all completed

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In December, Haida group ordered our company brewer’s grain drying line all completed. After our company intense process and making, shipments and lifting on site etc. Finally the project completed in today.
Brewer's grain drying equipment using Germany drying technology. The product feature is after drying color, animal feed taste good, high efficiency and energy saving. We have 15 production experience, according to customer requirements, our company can custom various models of brewer’s grain dryer.

Brewer’s grain dryer installation and debugging workflow:
1. After the installation work is completed, check the equipment's circuit whether connected securely, whether is properly connected.

2. Brewer’s grain drying equipment is after a successful installation, to check the connection of each device, especially brewer’s grain dryer belt feeding system of elastic situation and flatness of the pulley.

3. Check that all fasteners and bolt whether solid and reliable. And whether there is air leakage phenomenon.

4. After brewer’s grain dryer energizing, we need to check the equipment, whether there is a leak. And checking that the exhaust system is smooth.

5. According to the brewer’s grain dryer safe processes operation and drying equipment.



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