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Madagascar customer ordered brewer’s grain dryer set out

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Results by the end of the sprint, with the constantly increase of company orders in the near future, in order to ensure equipment can the regular supply of quality and quantity, front-line workers in the workshop arrange overtime every day. On the premise of ensuring the quality of equipment, and finally our company finished the brewer’s grain dryer of process and making. The equipment is about to take off after the customer inspection.
Our company every employees are carefully and strictly follow the production operational process, Zhengzhou Dingli company drying industry again is the vast number of customers good reputation and praise over the years, that has maintained a leading position in the industry, and  every employee's pay out has a close relationship. In order to keep up with the production schedule, production line workers give up weekends, but everyone no complaint, no one is complaining, no one is flinched.

Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co., Ltd brewer’s grain dryer drum interior design is reasonable. Drying effect is strict accordance with the needs of users, and the equipment yield is high and the dry end product quality is high. Our company engages in high humidity material  dehydration and drying materials for decades, has hundreds of technical patents, success cases  across multiple regions of the domestic. Brewer's grain drying production line more is highlighted, are selected by several well-known domestic brewery company, like China resources snow beer, Inbev budweiser and Venus beer etc.



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