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Congratulations for Zhengzhou Dingli company carried out 2016 "annual assessment" selecting activity a great success

Time: 2016-12-28Author: dingli

2016 year will soon be over, 2017 year are going to come. In order to establish a benchmark, selected in accord with the corporate culture of outstanding teams and individuals. December 26, 2016, Zhengzhou Dingli company carried out 2016 "annual assessment" selecting activity in the second floor conference room, so do it, aimed at the construction of corporate culture in the company practice, outstanding contribution to creating superior value, management team and staff give recognition.

Assessment activity is by the General Manager Li, Vice President and middle-level leader representatives to participate in the selecting activity, general office Manager Guo presided. Manager Guo were first to introduce Zhengzhou Dingli company 2016 "annual assessment" selecting activity of purpose, the contestant object and recognition method. Finally, the activity is  vote, everyone separately voted outstanding personal and excellent group, and operate strictly in accordance with the relevant norms, strictly examined, ensure that the selection of each annual excellent employees have representation, advancement, strive to be a typical example.

In assessment of voting link, hosts respectively was to introduce each candidate's innovation stories and ethics exemplary, let everyone know more about the candidates, selection of the site, reviewers carefully observed the "annual assessment" candidate record data, conduct site score, excellent employees is secret ballot vote elected by company middle-level leader. In the cooperation of the staff, evaluate activities of the vote ended, the award for outstanding groups and individuals will soon be available to the public, and in 2016 New Year's day party site to  awards honor. Let us see it!
Finally, Zhengzhou Dingli company General Manager Li made summary statement: Thank you all for a year of hard work. Every year, Zhengzhou Dingli company all held their annual assessment activities, that is an affirmation for staff's hard work, and it also is encourage employees to have better performance in 2017. I hope that we continued to play a leading and exemplary role in later work.

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