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Egypt customers ordered our company feed drying production line

Time: 2017-01-11Author: dingli

After 2017 the new year, our company signed again: Egypt customers signed our company a set of feed drying equipment, that has formally signed a contract. The two sides cooperative base is  customers repeatedly communicate with our sales staff, and that are repeatedly to Zhengzhou Dingli company field visit, that mainly look at our company feed drying equipment, which is a wealth of practical experience and reliable equipment quality. The customer final chose our company and signed a contract.

Africa is one of the main areas of our company international sales, Zhengzhou Dingli company production of drying equipment multiple sales to African countries. The set of feed drying equipment’s conclude and sign is our company equipment sold to Africa again, that is for our company's development strategy has great significance. The project cooperation will also promote the development of both sides, I believe that both sides are joint efforts, which will be better in the future.

Feed drying equipment is our company main products, and have been exported to many countries. Egypt customer with our company also show our drying technology strength, the customers and Dingli company work together, that will always make production equipment, latest technology and accessories for customer. According to the customer's demand and design relative dryer equipment.

With advanced technology, since Zhengzhou Dingli company establishment that gained faith from many customers at home and abroad. Our company not only grasping product quality, but also focusing on after-sales service. Technicians rushed to go to home and abroad round services manufacturers all year, to proceed product quality and technical training, in order to specific solve installation, commissioning and production of questions, which is praised by our customers. Welcome domestic and foreign customers to visit our company and business negotiation.

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