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Congratulations for Zhengzhou Dingli company won the "authentication certificate of quality management system of intellectual property rights"

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Zhongzhi certification review panel visited our company, which was applications for intellectual property rights management system certification to proceed rigorous site assessment in December 2016. Zhengzhou Dingli company received Zhongzhi(Beijing city) certification company certification body of intellectual property rights issued by the intellectual property management system certification, that marks our company has successfully passed "mark" in January 2017.
Intellectual property management system is in accordance with national requirements, and according to GB/T29490-2013, nationwide superior enterprises established management system of intellectual property rights, that will make intellectual property rights put at enterprise management of strategy.

Zhengzhou Dingli company intellectual property rights management system auditing work successfully passed. Our company will strengthen standardized management of intellectual property rights, strengthening guide the work of intellectual property, regulate intellectual property rights work, further improve intellectual property rights creation, use, management and protection level, enhance company independent innovation capability and realize scientific management and strategic use of intellectual property rights, to enhance the company's intellectual property rights capacity and improve core competitiveness of the company. Our company will be to further enhance the customer service, build brand image and provide stronger protection have laid a solid foundation for development of the company.

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