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Congratulations for Zhengzhou Dingli company gained "Henan provincial intellectual property advantage enterprise" honor

Time: 2017-01-16Author: dingli

Henan province intellectual property bureau published a good news, Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co., Ltd was awarded the "Henan provincial intellectual property advantage enterprise" honor on January 12, 2017. Recently the company won another provincial honors.
Intellectual property advantage breeding work is provincial intellectual property office joint carried out work in the province. It promotes to the core competitiveness of the economy of our province, to promote intellectual property economy becomes to realize the rise of central China  a new impetus and a new economic growth point, making our province at the forefront of the rise of central China. Carry out advantage breeding enterprise, in order to select a number of intellectual property advantages, independent innovation capacity and market competitiveness strong enterprises. Through personnel training, perfect system, strategy making and build environment etc development measures, improve the intellectual property creation, use, protection and management ability, enhance enterprise use the patent system and intellectual property strategies of improving enterprise competitive ability, play a guiding demonstration and leading role.

Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co., Ltd was selected as the intellectual property  advantage enterprise, shows that our company patents applications granted and applications already lied in the forefront of the industry. Our company has gained more than 200 patents. For a long time, relying on strong research and development team, always adhere to the "innovation for development, develop for innovative" of development strategy, strive to develop new products and constantly improve capability of independent innovation, improve the level of management and protection of intellectual property and improve the quantity and quality of independent property, strengthen intellectual property advantage and promote the enterprise's core competitiveness.
Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co., Ltd has technical staff is more than 120 people, including mid-level 40 people and high academic title 20. Our company drying equipment enter  Budweiser beer, Yanjing beer, Snowflake beer and Yangtze River pharmaceutical group etc. Our company products have been exported to Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and South America etc more than 20 countries on five continents and became public reliable dry brand. On the road in the future development, our company will always adhere to the spirit of independent innovation, and constantly develop market demand for new products with independent intellectual property, increase the advocacy efforts of intellectual property, training intellectual property professional personnel and enhance employee intellectual property protection of awareness. Our company believe that our core technology competitiveness will more and more strong.


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