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Zhengzhou Dingli company brewer’s grain drying equipment sent to Yanjing beer (Xinjiang city) company

Time: 2017-01-17Author: dingli

2017 of the first bill: Zhengzhou Dingli company cooperation a large brewer’s grain drying project with Yanjing beer group. The project has finished and today to deliver goods, the set of brewer's grain dryer uses steam shell and tube type drying, and the equipment can produce 0.5 tons per hour drier brewer’s grain. The equipment not only environmental protection and low consumption, but also better realize comprehensive utilization of resource recovery.
For environmental protection relief, Yanjing brewer’s grain drying project using steam as the drying medium, producing more environmentally friendly and resource use ratio is high. Zhengzhou Dingli company depends on solid mature drying technology system and strong comprehensive corporate strength, using our company new steam shell and tube type drying system, eventually our company won the project of equipment supply.

Near year end, the project construction period is short, asked complete installation in years ago. The project for our company, its time is limited and tasks is large. Our company workshop worker nervous work overtime rushed, but quality does not reduce, production and quality control department hold a meeting and positive teamwork. Our company will the task falling to a personal, serious execute production line system of rewards and penalties, each team actively reporting production problems and progress, eventually the project shipped on schedule.

Yanjing beer group sales volume is 5.031 million liters, and into world beer production and sales volume of the top eight, Yanjing beer group has been named the country's 500 best economic-efficiency industrial enterprise, China hundred enterprises in industry. Yanjing beer was designated as"Great Hall of the people of state banquet for wine", Air China International Corp etc the four airlines of catering with wine, the first domestic beer sponsor of the Beijing Olympics.


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