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Zhengzhou Dingli company orders collection in February

Time: 2017-03-09Author: dingli

Zhengzhou Dingli company signing bill amount reach to more than 10 drying lines in February. February is still in the lunar new year, that also continues to hold customers ' counsel enthusiasm for our company drying equipment.

During the Chinese new year many customers constant communication with our company technical and sales staff. Customer visits our company for first day on the job, no beyond the fifteenth day of the first month of lunar year, we have successfully signed two orders, one daily processing capacity is 1000 tons of coal slime drying equipment in Liaoning province, and the other a sugar beet pulp drying equipment exports to Kazakhstan.

These orders of signed proof that Zhengzhou Dingli company’s influence power in industry, and our company highly recognized by the domestic and foreign customers. We live up to our customers and friends for our company of trust and support, and who will try our efforts repay you.

We offer a more comprehensive, systematic and high humidity material drying solutions for customer, which is based on the concept to design. From first generation to environmental protection and intelligent of transition, Zhengzhou Dingli company replies on unique original design, generation after generation of perfect technology upgrade to interpret the drying equipment production line innovations and insure that realize customers maximize value. Meanwhile our company also very clear, the ultimate goal sell global.

At present, Zhengzhou Dingli company has provided quality dryer equipment for more than 20 multiple national domestic and abroad. Many enterprise has established long cooperation relationship with our company, our unique drying process and technology, and precision  machine processing and perfect after-sales service get more abroad customer of praise. At present, our company has established American and Indonesia etc branch and Office, in order to better service for abroad customer. Currently, more and more foreign customer visiting our company, and signed cooperation contract with our company, common casting dryer production line. Zhengzhou Dingli company will continue to be customer-oriented in future, keep improving for more customers to create high-end devices, welcome domestic and foreign customers to visit our company.

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