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Multinational delegation visited Zhengzhou Dingli company drying equipment in March

Time: 2017-03-13Author: dingli

Zhengzhou Dingli company signed more than 10 drying line in February, and that our company also signed many orders in March. Over the past more than a week, Zhengzhou Dingli company came Iraq, Lebanese and Vietnam etc delegation came to discuss cooperation. Customers are constantly increase and orders must are more in the future.
Zhengzhou Dingli company strongly welcomed Vietnam delegation on March 2. The delegation  visited brewer’s grain drying line project, so that recycling brewer’s grain promoting circular economy and take a new type industrialization road. Brewer's grain moisture content is 85%, recovery is very difficult, brewer’s grain can be dried for storage, transportation or processing into feed, then that sold to farms. Our company produced the new type and environmental protection brewer’s grain drying equipment, using environmentally-friendly heat source, not only environmental protection and low consumption, but also better realize comprehensive utilization of resource recycling.

Iraq delegation visited our company food waste processing equipment on March 7. Food waste mainly is made up of leftovers discarded food, if directly as a urban waste disposal or treatment, not only pollute the environment and increase municipal refuse of handling capacity, but aslo cause these waste of food waste.

Our company developed food waste feed processing set of equipment, including crushing, dehydration and secondary crushing, drying and sterilization, add feed additives and granulation etc. Full use food waste containing many organic substances, then crush, dewatering and drying, making it into high-calorie feed, its color is golden yellow, uniform particles, completely solve the city catering group causing environmental pollution on food waste.

Zhengzhou Dingli company received a Lebanese delegation on March 8, which visited the organic fertilizer drying lines use fresh chicken manure as raw material, processed into organic fertilizer. The set of organic fertilizer drying equipment, that is high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection etc features. Organic fertilizer production line not only can meet local fertilizers demand, but also can meet around the needs of the market. It widely used in the fields, fruit trees, flowers, landscaping, upscale turf and soil improvement etc, it has very good results.

Zhengzhou Dingli company of professional attitude and patience in the communication process, delegation are greatly appreciated. What’s more, also gave a high evaluation on quality.

Why we attract so many foreign customers, they took a fancy to Zhengzhou Dingli company high quality products in the same industry, technical lead drying industry、professional make drying equipment, not do other equipment of professional standards. In order to better develop foreign export business, we have set up a branch of the United States and set up a liaison office in Indonesia, set up his own Ministry of foreign trade and has the import and export right, what’s more, also obtained the CE certification. Our company product has 7 sales area in seven Asian countries, they are Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam (4 set of equipment), Israel, Laos, Philippines and Sri Lanka. European has four countries: Britain, Russia (two sets equipment), Bulgaria and Italy,.Africa has a country: Morocco.

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