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Zhengzhou Dingli company brewer's grain drying equipment again cooperated with Vietnamese customers

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Recently, Zhengzhou Dingli company orders are one after another. Congratulate for our company create large brewer’s grain drying project with the Vietnam customer, both sides have formal signed a cooperation contract. Our company brewer’s drying line is not the first exported to Vietnam, previously who several cooperation with Vietnam customers. What’s more, these equipment have been put into operation. The brewer’s grain drying line was Zhengzhou Dingli company 13th drying line in this year.
These orders signed, Zhengzhou Dingli company strongly depends on is not the so-called "luck", only depends on Zhengzhou Dingli company more years technology experience and drying equipment put into operation to accumulation customers reputation. Updates on technology, we are very focused on technology research and development, and constantly sum up improve and optimize the new generation drying equipment technology level. In terms of installation and commissioning etc after-sales service, our company free provides installation and commissioning services and help customers training for code of practice, regular visits customers, in order to improve after-service quality.

In March early, Vietnam customer came to our company visit and inspect brewer’s grain drying line. Our company equipment process and enterprise strength has left deep of impression to customer. Customer looks forward to both sides cooperation, after customer home will cooperation matters upgrade agenda, hope that as soon as possible implementation brewer’s grain drying project. Both sides cooperation is based on friendly trust, our company also will not live up to customer of faith for customer making high-end equipment.

Zhengzhou Dingli company as a professional dryer manufacturer, has established long-term cooperation relationship with many domestic and foreign customers. Our company work with enterprise customers, in order to push all areas material drying use and development, meanwhile providing convenience for customers, that also help development of environmental protection. Zhengzhou Dingli company strongly look forward to hand in hand more customers build new glories in future.

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