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Zhengzhou Dingli company wood drying granulation production lines once again into Moroccan enterprises

Date:2017-03-17 19:54:10 Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

Yesterday, our company received the good news coming from the sales department: Morocco customers again signed our company a sawdust drying granulation production line. In recent years, Zhengzhou Dingli company exports to Morocco multiple drying production lines, biomass type drying line has more than 2-3. The customers is former, the customer signed our company a wood pellet production line in 2015. Operation after granulation quality is very good, full combustion. It is very popular in the market, and its economic value is very substantial. Two years later, the customer intends to increase investment, plans to purchase a wood chip drying granulation production line, in view of cooperated with our company, now it continues to choose   us.
In order to provide customer with accurate production line scheme and improve service, we set up Morocco wood drying granulation project technical team and has special responsibility for the procurement of the required materials and accessories, high effective response to customer actual needs.

Major is survival, quality is our company reputation guarantee. Zhengzhou Dingli company always adhere to technological innovation, meet user requirements for the target management idea. Zhengzhou Dingli company insist provides customers with professional, high efficient, energy-saving and affordable dryer equipment. WBH performance has proved again that  Zhengzhou Dingli company specialty and word of mouth in dry areas!

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