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Xinjiang customer signed our company a set of corn gluten feed drying equipment

Time: 2017-03-21Author: dingli

Corn gluten feed drying equipment settle in Xinjiang province in March. Our company establishment in 2003, that started feed drying equipment. After several years of practical experience, feed drying equipment has became our company a very mature technology patented product.

Corn gluten is a by-product in the process of processing, are mainly made up of corn protein, containing a small amount of starch and fiber.

Corn gluten feed drying equipment main characteristic:

1.PLC intelligent control, you can ensure that color is yellow after drying, good palatability, animal likes it.

2. Cylindrical shell self preservation thermal efficiency up to 70% (a traditional single drum dryer thermal efficiency is only 35%), improving the thermal efficiency beyond 50%.

3. lower than a single cylinder drying machine occupies area is about 50%, construction investment lower is about 50%.

4. Uses the frequency conversion velocity modulation control of material flow, can depend on  users requirement easily control the final moisture content index.

5. Our company new energy-saving hot-blast stove is energy-efficient, thermal control, simple operation, coal consumption dropped as much as about 60%, power consumption reduction 50% and lower operating costs.

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