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Interpretation of the effect of drying temperature on slime dryer production line

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Considering the profitability of a company, how to handle coal slime with high energy efficiency and environmental protection is a matter of concern. However, there are no important factors in the drying process that affect the drying of the slime, including drying. Temperature control is also very important.


The drying temperature has a direct impact on the slime drying efficiency. The inlet and outlet temperatures of the drying equipment have certain requirements. Too low or too high temperatures can affect the drying efficiency and the quality of the finished product. If the drying equipment is If the inlet temperature is too high, the quality of the material will be affected. The temperature of the outlet of the drying equipment cannot be controlled too low. If the temperature is too low, condensation and condensation will occur, causing condensation and dew condensation inside the electrostatic precipitator. The effect of dust removal, corrosion of the internal polar plates of the electrostatic precipitator, etc., and the condensation of the dust-discharging fan impeller due to dew condensation are unbalanced, causing vibration of the fan impeller and accentuating the damage of the fan. Therefore, the drying temperature is controlled, and the performance and efficiency are as cost-effective as possible.

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