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Technical Analysis of Dryer Lees Made from Feed

Time: 2019-01-29Author: dingli

In recent years, people have paid more and more attention to food safety, and the choice of meat is also very important. Therefore, farmers have strict control over pigs and sheep, feeds are selected more carefully, and pig feed made from dried distiller's grains is widely selected.Let's talk about the prospect and technology of drying distiller's grains to make pig feed today.


The advantages of the development of distillers' dried forage feed are still unanimously recognized by the public. Due to the insufficient supply of feedstuffs in China, it is an inevitable trend to vigorously develop feedstuffs. Distillers grains are made from cereals or potatoes and other materials with high starch content. After the rest of the waste, the crude protein content of which can reach about 25%, the use of distillers dried grains using distillers grains to produce feed not only significant economic benefits, but also very significant social benefits.

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