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Zhengzhou Dingli Sawdust Drying Production Line

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The use of wood chips as a biomass fuel after drying is one of the commonly used methods. In the drying process, sawdust dryers and other equipment play an important role. A good sawdust dryer can improve the efficiency of the production line.


Zhengzhou Dingli Sawdust Dryer is a drying treatment equipment that can be customized according to customers' requirements. It is more in line with the customer's production needs. The drying process independently developed by the Dingli technical team of Dingli Sawdust Dryer is more efficient and can be compared with traditional drying equipment. The low-cost feature, while the heat source of the sawdust drying line can be selected from biomass fuel or other raw materials, can reduce the heat source cost of the sawdust drying line.

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