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Three Options for Biomass Pelleting Machine Material

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Rotary/Drum Dryers for Biomass Pelleting Machine
The wet milled biomass material is placed via screw auger into the rotary dryer. Hot air is generated at one end of the drum; at the other end a fan pulls the hot air and material through the drum up to a cyclone separator. The drum rotates as hot air is pulled over the material; the rotating action produces a more effective drying process. Light dry particles are pulled through the pipe, and heavy wet particles remain in the drum until the moisture content reach the required index of biomass pelleting machines.
Pipe Dryers for Biomass Pelleting Machine
The wet material is placed into the pipe dryer. Hot air is generated at one end of the pipe and pulled through the pipe system by a fan; the material then leaves the dryer via a cyclone separator.
Heat Source for Biomass Pelleting Machine
Some dryers source their heat using oil or gas burners, however in today's market this can be very expensive and reduces the green credentials of the biomass fuel pellet. Therefore the cheapest solution is to generate heat through burning pellets.

Productivity Increase
Another advantage by using heat to dry the material is once the material leaves the dryer the heat has made the material more malleable. This can therefore increase the productivity through the pellet mill of all materials but particularly dense materials like hard woods.  The heat makes the material more malleable, and begins the process of melting the materials natural lignin.


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