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Wood chip dryer main structure principle

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sawdust rotary dryer include many different diameter of concentric cylinder according to certain mathematical relationship and structure, embedded in combination with each other.Energy-saving multi-layer sleeve sawdust rotary dryer can make full use of waste heat, reduce heat loss, increase the heat exchange area, make dryer unit volume evaporation intensity is greatly improved, which effectively improves the heat energy utilization, reduce the energy consumption.
Make the thermal efficiency of the dryer are improved greatly.Compared with the same specifications of the single cylinder dryer, thermal efficiency is to improve the 40-55%, save energy consumption more than double.Due to the special structure of the multilayer sleeve type drum dryer, the length of the cylinder is a third of the single cylinder dryer, the base area than the single cylinder dryer saves about 65%, basic investment reduced accordingly.The dryer low transmission power, reduces the equipment noise at work.Sealing system USES a micro contact technology, better sealing effect, reduce the dust pollution.

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