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The latest technology environmentally friendly poultry manure drying plant

Time: 2019-04-26Author: dingli

 With the rapid development of farms in urban suburbs, the pollution of livestock manure to the environment is becoming more and more serious. However, livestock manure is a valuable feed and fertilizer resource. If it can be developed and utilized, the development of the breeding industry and planting industry will be of great significance for saving food and increasing agriculture and increasing income. To this end, our company has developed a professional poultry manure dryer in combination with market conditions.

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Poultry manure dryer, also known as paddle agitated rotary drum dryer, rake roller dryer, rotary rake drum dryer, and rotary paddle drum dryer. The machine has kept the ordinary drum advantages of the dryer, it is custom designed suit to the disadvantage of the moisture is more than 50% weak stick, sticking material drying, and the drum center "black hole" phenomenon lead to the unit area evaporation capacity is inefficiency and high fuel consumption etc. Increasing the high-speed rotation of the blade, strengthen the material grinding and decentralized function, and fill the drum center "black hole". The material surface area fully expanded, to maximize heat transfer between the material and drying air. Because of the material particles to minimize and the heat transfer evaporation rate greatly improved. 

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