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Dingli special drying machine-drying bean dregs requires simmering equipment

Time: 2019-04-26Author: dingli

Do you need equipment to drying bean dregs? It is preferred to know the initial  water content of bean dregs and the water content of drying bean dregs. If the  water content of drying bean dregs is about 60%, then a bean dregs belt dewatering  machine can be realized, and drying bean dregs water content is about 12%.  Generally, a complete set of special machines for Drying Bean Dregs is used.

The so-called bean dregs belt type dewatering machine is mainly mechanical  dewatering. The wet bean dregs are laid flat on the filter belt, and the gravity  dewatering area, the nip area, and S-type pressing area are repeatedly pressed  repeatedly to squeeze out the clear water and flow to the lower tank. Discharged in  the middle, the slag is gradually squeezed and dehydrated, and finally removed by  the scraper discharger, the moisture content of the bean dregs reaches about 60%.

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Deep dehydration of bean dregs requires high-temperature and strong drying. The wet bean dregs passing through the belt dewatering machine enters the  paddle-type stirring bean drier tumble dryer under the action of the loose feed  conveyor, and the stirring blade device and the shock cleaning are provided. In the  drum of the device, the wet potato slag advances in a spiral manner, heat exchange  with the heat medium in the heating area with a larger heating area, and rapid  evaporation, reaching a state of 35% water and entering the pulverizer to reach a  particle of 1 mm. The diameter state enters the pulse airflow drying process, and  then the moisture content of the dry potato slag is about 12%, and the whole drying  process is completed. The moisture content of the dry bean slag can reach about  12%, effectively extending the shelf life.

The Bean Dregs Dryer has a special type, mainly because the starch content  of the bean dregs is high. In the environment with large moisture, it is easy to  bond and stick to the wall, so that the ordinary rotary dryer is easy to paste and  stick walls, and damage The bean dregs dryer reduces the drying efficiency and  quality of the bean dregs. Therefore, the dispersing and cleaning device is mainly  for the high-humidity materials such as water and starch with a large content of  bean dregs.

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