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Perfect solution to the problem of coconut fiber drying

Time: 2019-04-27Author: dingli

 Coconut fiber has the characteristics of anti-mite, anti-bacterial, non-corrosive and elastic, and is a traditional raw material for mattresses and cushions, which is highly praised by the market. However, when the coconut fiber has just been screened out from the coconut shell, the moisture is 30-45%. The traditional practice is to dry the air for 3-5 days. It takes time and effort, and the coconut fiber is dark. Some golden yellow, mold mold, mixed with sediment impurities, affecting the selling phase.

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The coconut fiber dryer can quickly dry the coconut fiber with 30-45% water content to the finished product with water content below 18%. The unit uses wood, straw, husk and other waste (or coal, natural gas, diesel) as energy, using hot air to heat all kinds of wet materials, high temperature and rapid drying process, the main drive is electromagnetic or frequency conversion It is equipped with an automatic temperature control device. The dry finished coconut fiber has good color, strength and flexibility.

The special rotary dryer for coconut fiber, is mainly composed of a hot air furnace, a feed conveyor, a rotary drum dryer, a discharge conveyor, a dust collector and a power distribution cabinet; After the coconut fiber enters the dryer, the material is evenly dispersed and fully contacted with the hot air under the tumbling of the uniformly distributed tooth stirring device in the drum, and the heat transfer, mass transfer and drying are quickly performed, and discharged to the drum discharge port. The process parameters of the production line and the selection and design of the technical parameters and structure of each equipment are obtained after careful analysis of the coconut fiber materials. They are original and verified by the actual coconut fiber drying test. In the design of the scheme, taking into account the characteristics of flammable, easy agglomeration and slag inclusion of coconut fiber, a series of unique techniques have been adopted to solve the problem, to ensure the drying effect and cleanliness of the good coconut fiber.

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