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Dingli brand economical and practical equipment-Brewer’s Grain Dryer

Time: 2019-04-27Author: dingli

How to make good use of brewer's grain? Zhengzhou Dingli Brewer's Grains Spent Dryer gives a good answer.

Summer is the season of the the largest beer production and brewer's grains production, brewer's grains are rich in protein, amino acids and trace elements,which is an important part of animal feed, but beer grain is not easy to storage for its high water content in summer. Before brewer's grains dryer producted, beer producers sold beer to local farmers for fodder, remaining emissions into the water, seriously damage the ecological balance. The appearance of brewer's grains dryer let many businesses see the business opportunities.

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When designing Brewer's Grains Drying Production Line, Zhengzhou Dingli fully considered the high moisture, high protein, high and trace elements of brewer's grains, adopted unique technique and technology, in the case of without destroying protein and trace elements, water content of brewer's grains can be dried from 83% to less than 10%, the material moisture is uniform, and the color is golden yellow color.This set of Brewer's Grains Drying Equipment has solved the shortcomings of the traditional drying equipment, such as unevenness, paste and low thermal efficiency.

As a professional dryer manufacturer, Zhengzhou Dingli is recognized and trusted by many users for excellent equipment and excellent service, the products are not only hot selling in domestic market, but also exported to the United States, Thailand, Australia, India, Italy and other more than 20 countries, has hundreds of partners around the world.

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