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Present Situation of Biomass Briquettes Usage

Date:2015-02-14 11:19:52 Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

The newest biomass briquetting machine current price in the international market is not very high compared with other machineries. But almost all of the briquetting press corporations developed in recent years seems to have encountered bottlenecks in getting larger. As for China, there are some objective reasons, and the not comprehensive recognitions of biomass fuels. Dingli here want to offer you the analysis of biomass fuel development in China, and the following are the advantages of this new industry:


  • China is a country with large population and little cultivated land, the biomass resources mainly comes from the agriculture and forest wastes, and the rubbish from cities, the waste processing is a rigid demand, it helps reducing the CO2 amount created.
  • China is a country which lacks of fossil fuels, especially the liquid fuels, the biomass matters can be processed into liquid fuels directly.
  • The production of biomass fuel can be controlled by people other than the weather, unlike the wind power and the photovoltaic industry.
  • Most of the biomass sources need to be collected by farmers, it will increase the famers' profit; accelerate the development of the rural areas.

At present, it is a trend that people cross the world turning to biomass briquettes. Using biomass briquette will let up the serious air pollution and improve environmental quality.


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