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Dingli leader went to workshop for product inspection and guidance

Date:2015-02-15 09:59:22 Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

Chinese new year is coming, most of the factory had day off from work,but our company 's leader still stands their post  in order to offer a best product to the customers.


On 10th,Feb 2015,under leadership of Vice-prisident Mr Zhou and Mr Feng,we visited the workshop.During the time,the leader tried their best to introduce the product working principle such as the vinasse dryer,sawdust dryer,bag pulse dust collector etc.In addition, the engineers give us a detailed interpretation of PLC system GGD which is a new-type PLC controlling system developed by our company.

Now,the technical deprtment are developing the new product according to the markets' status and customers' needs.I think our product will go to a new step and pleased by more customers.

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