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Dingli Beer Spent Grain Dryer is suitable for beer lees, brewer grain, wine lees, corn alcohol lees, and other high-wet lees. It can quickly dehydrate and dry the wet lees with the moisture of about 85% to the moisture of about 10% Dry product. With the diversification of technology, beer grain dryers mainly include steam column tube drum dryer and environmental protection three-layer rotary drum dryer. And according to the global biomass pellet fuel development trend, supply biomass burner supporting beer grain dryer.

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The Brewer Grain Drying Equipment is the core product of Dingli, and the lees drying project sells well both at home and abroad. The application of the new process will greatly improve the drying efficiency of the material, and quickly dry the wine residue. The brewer spent grain dryer has a high degree of mechanization, large production capacity, continuous operation, excellent structure, simple, convenient operation, low power consumption, and good uniformity of product drying. Dingli lees grain drum drying equipment of various specifications and models, welcome to inquire online.

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